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ARFX Launcher

ARFX Launcher comes with up to 10 XR maps and works for your existing 4K screen or projector. ARFX Launcher is easy to use, robust, and a great introduction to XR shooting.

ARFX Pro Plugin

The ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin is the first of its kind in the industry. When we serve as a virtual production department for major studios this is the tool we use.

ARFX Home Studio Kit

Beautiful scenes, software, and hardware in one kit. The easiest way to get started with in-camera effects. No coding, no scripting, no Unreal Editor required.


ARFX Lens Kit

Creatives now have access to a plug-and-play solution that saves hours in production time by allowing camera operators to manipulate focus, zoom, and iris in a composited virtual environment in real-time.

ARFX Pro Server System

Includes all our ARFX software, server, tracking, and partner-level support. Includes 1 year sub to the ARFX Pro plugin (additional subscription fee for year two and beyond).

ARFX Enterprise License

This is a lease model for a site-license, where all equipment and software continue to be owned and maintained by ARwall, and leased/licensed to the client site. This is our first and most popular solution, and comes with all the servers, tracking, GPU required for an LED stage of no more than 6 screens or 16K horizontal resolution max. It also includes up to 20 hours per month of training, custom engineering, and remote technical support for the full year.

New LED Volume Virtual Stage

Looking for a partner to assist on developing a new LED volume virtual stage? You can rely on our team with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. 

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