ARFX Enterprise

This is a lease model for a site-license, where all equipment and software is owned and maintained by ARwall, and leased to the client site. This is our first and most popular solution, and comes with all the servers, tracking, GPU required for an LED stage of no more than 6 screens or 16K horizontal resolution max (screen not included).
It also includes up to 20 hours per month of training, custom engineering, and remote technical support for the full year. Prior clients for our enterprise licenses include: CBS/WB, HBO, Netflix, NBCUniversal, DigitalHurb.

In the Server:
AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU
Nvidia Quadro A6000 GPU & Quadro II Sync Card
Two drives of Samsung V-NAND NVME Storage
Studio-grade RAM and components
Decklink Capture Card
ARFX Pro Plugin for Unreal Engine
Patented XR Sync Calibration
ARFX Demo Launcher & Starter Scenepack
Ongoing ARFX Software Updates & Bug Fixes
Vive Pro, Mo-Sys, or stYpe tracking hardware
Patented XR SyaTracker Mounting Hardware and Smartphone Rignc Calibration
USB Hubs and Extension Cables
Rolling Half-Rack Travel Case
Best-In-Class Support:
On-call Tech Support
Troubleshooting Knowledge Base
Video Tutorials & User Manual
4 Training Sessions: Setup, Creative, Technical, Test Shoot
And up to 20 hours per month of additional training, custom engineering, or remote production support.


How is the Enterprise License different from the ARFX Pro Server System? 

The ARFX Enterprise license is a perfect fit for those stage owners that don’t want to worry about maintaining capex equipment that might need to be upgraded continuously, but instead prefer a lease model where ARwall owns, maintains, and upgrades the system and guarantees the compatibility of the hardware, software, and tracking all together. This is our first and most popular offering for new virtual stages because it turns ARwall into a technical partner that supports the workstation, accessories and cables, tracking hardware and software, and training and support that stage owners need in order to run their business effectively. Once the equipment is installed and the team is trained, we also include 20 hours of support monthly, which can span from training, sales support, custom engineering, or on-call remote assistance. Whatever the need, the Enterprise license is flexible enough to meet it. 

The ARFX Pro Server System is the perfect way to purchase a complete kit that comes with everything you’ll need for your LED virtual stage, so you can own and operate that equipment. 

What happens if I require more than 20 hours of the included support in a month?

For those months in which you require additional support, we will notify you of the overage and invoice monthly, at a pre-negotiated hourly partner rate.

What type of tracking systems will I be limited to? Can I change systems in the future? 

You are only limited to the tracking technology that our ARFX Pro Server System is compatible with, which currently includes all top providers: Mo-Sys, stYpe, Noitom/Qualisys, Vive Pro, and Vive Mars. We will work with your team to determine what is the best solution for install, and what an upgrade path would look like, with most stage owners starting with Vive and moving on from there as client requests come in.

Who can I contact if hardware gets damaged or broken? 

For all technical support, is your single contact, with warranty and RMA requests sometime escalating to a manufacturer partner. In all cases, ARwall is your technical partner to ensure repair and replacement are done in a timely and production-minded manner.

Can I still purchase if I don’t have a screen set up yet? 

Yes, we recommend signing the Enterprise license at least 6 weeks prior to your LED stage being installed to allow for manufacturing and delivery time. Your license period will not start until the system install is complete, which can itself take 1-5 days depending on complexity. Many stage owners sign the Enterprise license prior to deciding on an LED volume build, and use our expert team to help them decide on a final design, which we’re happy to do. 

For film, TV, and XR illusions that require custom LED Volume installs, we encourage you to reach out at to schedule a consultation with our experts. Our team has performed over 60 deployments of such effects systems for professional and educational use.  For those seeking advanced technical support for single projects, we also provide virtual production department services.  



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