ARFX Launcher

ARFX Launcher comes with up to 10 XR maps and works for your existing 4K screen or projector. ARFX Launcher is easy to use, robust, and a great introduction to XR shooting.

It comes with access to video walkthroughs and basic online support. No updates or subscription fee is required—just a single-time license and you’re ready to shoot.

Minor technical knowledge required for installation, VR tracking hardware not included. Requires 2 Vive trackers (2.0), and 2 Base stations (2.0).

Latest Features

Menu System: Provide user with an extensive use of customization options. Access to suite of creative tools directly in the virtual scene (user has access to same hotkey customization options as the Launcher interface plus lots more!) 

Post Process: This section allows you to take further control over all your post process needs including: (These settings are to assist you with fine-tuning the virtual background to match what the physical camera is seeing) 

• Temperature Type: Selects the type of temperature calculation. 

• Temperature: Adjust the temperature of the scene, ranging from warm, to white, to daylight settings.(adjust kelvin to make your scene cool/warm) 

• Tint: Throw a colored gel over the scene.  

• Saturation: Make your colors more vivid and intense 

• Contrast: Fine tune the relationship between shadows and highlights 

• Gamma: Adjust how smoothly the highlights transition into shadows 

• Gain: Amplify the exposure of the image 

ARFX Camera Options: Allow you to have further control over the ARwall Camera Actor within the scene 

• TrackingQuickly enable (to get parallax effect)/disable tracking(for static shots). 

• Movement SpeedAdjust movement speed of the virtual camera. 

• Yaw/Pitch SpeedMovement speed of camera’s pan and tilt. 

• Screen Dimensions (cm) [WxH]: Physical Dimension of the screen in centimeters of which the    

user is using to display Scenes. 

• Near Clip Distance: Fly out virtual set pieces in real-time at a specific radius around the camera, without breaking your back (Used when the virtual camera is in a small or tight virtual locations) 

• Bookmark Transition Speed: Speed at which the camera will transition between setups/positions.(can transition between bookmarks and ease-in/out or hard cut between bookmarks with an animation sequence to fly between bookmarks) 

SteamVR Setup: Ability to fix Tracker Serial numbers and fine tune SteamVR settings 

• Hero SerialSerial number can be found via USBDeview.exe.(Identification number for tracker puck) 

• Calibration SerialSerial Number can be found via USBDeview.exe.(identification number for calibration puck) 

• Tracking DelayDelays the tracking by this number of frames. 

• Threshold Sample SizeNumber of samples we take to determine velocity and angular velocity. 

• Velocity ThresholdThreshold at which we start tracking. 

• Angular Velocity Threshold: Threshold at which we start tracking. 



Keyboard Input

  • Navigate preset camera positions at the press of a single button 
  • Pan, tilt, truck, dolly, roll, or boom the virtual camera all from the keyboard or controller 
  • Instantly access calibration menu 
  • Manually adjust depth of field of virtual camera 


XBOX Controller Input

 Pan, tilt, truck, dolly, roll, or boom the virtual camera 

• Position and save new camera positions instantly 

Customize keyboard hotkeys and controller layout to your specific needs 


Graphics: This section gives you greater control of the overall quality settings of the scene including: 

Global Settings: 

• Quality Preset: Adjust the quality of all graphics and textures settings. 

Display Settings: 

• Resolution Scale: Adjust the sharpness of the in-game graphics. When it’s too low, the items could show in a blurry image 

• Display Mode: Select the display mode. 

• Resolution: Select the display resolution. 

• Gamma: Adjust the gamma Calibration. 

• V-Sync: Lock the FPS to prevent screen tearing. 

• Max FPS: Select the max FPS. 

Texture Settings 

• Anisotropic FilteringReducing blur and preserving detail at extreme viewing angles. 

• Textures: Adjust the quality of the textures. 

Graphic Settings: 

• Post-ProcessingAdjust the quality of post processing effects. 

• Anti-Aliasing: Adjust quality of AA, smooths the object’s graphics. It is recommended to turn this on.  

• ShadowsAdjust the quality of the shadows for character and objects. 

• EffectsAdjust the quality of various effects like reflections and the material fidelity. (Can take a moment) 

• Detail Mode: Adjust the minimum detail level for an actor to render. 

• FoliageAdjust the quality of Foliage. 

• View DistanceAdjust the visible distance, objects will be hidden based on their distance to the player. 

• Motion Blur: Adjust the blur quality on fast moving objects. 

• Planar Reflections: Sets any and all planar reflections in the scene to render at a % of the screen’s resolution. Recommended at 50% or lower. 



Is ARFX Launcher good for professional production? 

Yes, while the ARFX Launcher is not as customizable as the ARFX Pro Plugin, it still provides a large amount of Virtual Production tools and presets that can be accessible through ARwall’s new menu user interface, while in play mode. This means you can still access most of the professional tools that we provide for our Unreal Engine ARFX Pro Plugin, but without needing to know how to use Unreal Engine.

These are the same tools we use for all our projects including The Muppets Haunted Mansion, Nightflyers, Sci-Fi Fan Films, various music videos, and commercials. All our products are studio-quality XR filmmaking tools that can create professional level content. The ARFX Launcher provides support for the Vive Pro tracking hardware, which is an affordable, easy to set up and use tracking system.

How long does set up take? 

First time set up for hardware can take about 1 hour or less, and first time software set up should take 5 minutes. Once you’re familiar with these set ups, it should take less than 1 minute to launch and calibrate. ARFX Launcher Video Walkthrough can be found here.

Do I need to create my own backdrops or are they provided? 

ARfx Launcher comes with 10 Virtual Production ready maps with preset bookmarks, so you can start shooting right away.

What are the recommended PC Specs? 

CPU: Minimum: Intel Core i5 Processor (11th Generation) / Recommended: Intel Core i9 Processor (12th Generation)

GPU: Minimum: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 / Recommended: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 or higher

RAM: Minimum 16GB / Recommended: 256GB or higher 

Hard Drive Space: Minimum: 1 TB / Recommended: 2 TB or higher 


Andrew Williams

Producer of Muppets Haunted Mansion​

"Rene, Jocelyn, and the entire ARwall team were vital in achieving the ambitious scope and schedule of Muppets Haunted Mansion. Partnering with a team so dedicated, adaptable, and solution-oriented was vital to the success of our project."​

Terry Crews

Host/Actor, Owner of Amen & Amen Studios​

" ARwall was the team that got this revolution started for indie filmmaking, they're continuing to innovate with the most accessible solution, and we're happy to say our stage is powered by the original virtual production solution, ARFX Pro by ARwall."​

Zeeshan Khan

Owner of Zeekay Films

" Because of the ARwall team and the amazing software they have developed, we are now able to focus on the creative side of filmmaking, rather than having to deal with the tedious technicalities of a virtual production setup."

Brandon XIV

Director at Snow Media

"I came in knowing very little about virtual production and was SHOCKED at how easy ARwall made the whole process. It ended being one of the smoothest shoots I've ever been on."​

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