ARFX Home Studio Kit


Includes ARFX Home Studio workstation
Each workstation includes the new Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU
Includes all camera tracking hardware (10'x10' playspace)
Includes 1 year license to award-winning ARFX Pro Plugin 
Includes Starter Scenepack with 100+ virtual backdrops to get you started
Includes perpetual license to ARFX Launcher
  • ARFX Pro Plugin 1 Year License ($6k Value)
  • ARFX Home Studio workstation, dimensions: 15.3” (h) x 6.6” (w) x 8” (d)

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 16-Core 3.4GHz

  • RAM: 64GB DDR4-3200


  • STORAGE: 750GB Samsung NVMe SSD (250GB System, 500GB Data)

  • ARFX App 1 Year Subscription ($749/year afterwards)

  • Starter Scenepack with 10 maps, 100+ backdrops

  • 1 year full warranty

  • 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty

  • (2) Vive trackers

  • (2) Vive base stations

  • (2) 6' tall tracker stands with swivel head mounts

  • (2) 15' USB3.0 active extension cables

  • 15ft HDMI cable

  • Hot shoe to 1/4" thread adapter for camera mount

  • Smartphone Mount Rig

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse combo

*Basic Support is included FREE for the first year of ownership, with subscription support tiers available after that. Pricing for the Basic Support tier after the first year is currently set at a $749/year (pricing is subject to change), and will provide access to continued technical and creative support."

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Andrew Williams

Producer of Muppets Haunted Mansion​

"Rene, Jocelyn, and the entire ARwall team were vital in achieving the ambitious scope and schedule of Muppets Haunted Mansion. Partnering with a team so dedicated, adaptable, and solution-oriented was vital to the success of our project."​

Terry Crews

Host/Actor, Owner of Amen & Amen Studios​

" ARwall was the team that got this revolution started for indie filmmaking, they're continuing to innovate with the most accessible solution, and we're happy to say our stage is powered by the original virtual production solution, ARFX Pro by ARwall."​

Zeeshan Khan

Owner of Zeekay Films

" Because of the ARwall team and the amazing software they have developed, we are now able to focus on the creative side of filmmaking, rather than having to deal with the tedious technicalities of a virtual production setup."

Brandon XIV

Director at Snow Media

"I came in knowing very little about virtual production and was SHOCKED at how easy ARwall made the whole process. It ended being one of the smoothest shoots I've ever been on."​

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