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Let ARwall help you plan, build, and manage your next LED Volume Stage. Our involvement doesn't just end at the purchase of a new stage. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for your virtual production stage, providing VP supervision solutions, no matter the scope of your stage.

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We consult on single studios with budgets of $200k or more; or full facilities with budgets of $3MM or more. We can provide bids that include all hardware, software, tracking, install, training, and support. Let our expert virtual production engineering team create the perfect solution for your space. Looking for a special partnership? Let's Chat.


How long should I expect a response for my inquiry? 

An ARwall representative will get back to you within 2 business days.

Should I purchase a new LED Volume Stage, an ARFX Enterprise license, or both? 

Both. The LED Volume build purchases do not include the workstation and tracking technology, so the ARFX Enterprise license was created to complement those purchase with everything else required, including the workstation, accessories and cables, tracking hardware and software, and training and support that stage owners need in order to run their business effectively. 

Alternatively, the ARFX Pro Server System is the perfect way to purchase a complete kit that comes with everything you’ll need for your new LED Volume stage, so you can own and operate that equipment. 

How long does installation and setup take? 

Most LED videowalls that are 30 feet or shorter take 1-2 days to build and set up with the ARFX Pro Server System, with training sometimes taking an additional day. Larger LED videowalls will require more time to install.

Can we build LED Volumes that are more complex, multiscreen or curved stage setups? 

Yes, we’ve built LED Volumes of every shape and size for major studios like Disney, Netflix, WB; and have 6 years of experience designing LED videowall backdrops for cinematic use and in-camera effects. Our ARFX Pro Server Systems and ARFX Pro Plugin for UE support all the powerful virtual production features that are found in Unreal Editor, including multiscreen, curved screen, raytracing, and more. We always love to meet filmmaking challenges that introduce new gear or software, and our team specializes in engineering such unique innovations.

Are there rent or lease options available for LED screens? 

Yes, as part of our full-service Virtual Production Department and Virtual Production Supervisor services and background, we have relationships with LED and VP equipment rental providers around the world and can pop-up a rented LED volume or XR stage anywhere in the world. Let us know what your production’s challenges are and we can recommend a strategy that includes a pop-up XR stage, full LED volume, existing virtual stage provider, or a combination of all.

If I install a screen, can I modify and add onto it later? 

Yes, a good example of this would be the Cuboid concept we built for Disney’s Muppet Haunted Mansion in partnership with director of photography Craig Kief and Soapbox Films; in which a 20x12ft permanent installation LED backdrop was supplemented by 5 rented ceiling, side, and back panels. In such an instance, some work is required to unify the signal and color of the multiple screens, however this is otherwise a completely valid strategy.


Andrew Williams

Producer of Muppets Haunted Mansion

"Rene, Jocelyn, and the entire ARwall team were vital in achieving the ambitious scope and schedule of Muppets Haunted Mansion. Partnering with a team so dedicated, adaptable, and solution-oriented was vital to the success of our project."

Terry Crews

Host/Actor, Owner of Amen & Amen Studios​

" ARwall was the team that got this revolution started for indie filmmaking, they're continuing to innovate with the most accessible solution, and we're happy to say our stage is powered by the original virtual production solution, ARFX Pro by ARwall."​

Zeeshan Khan

Owner of Zeekay Films

" Because of the ARwall team and the amazing software they have developed, we are now able to focus on the creative side of filmmaking, rather than having to deal with the tedious technicalities of a virtual production setup."

Brandon XIV

Director at Snow Media

"I came in knowing very little about virtual production and was SHOCKED at how easy ARwall made the whole process. It ended being one of the smoothest shoots I've ever been on."​


We supervise projects starting at $24k/month, and can package bids for your production that include all hardware, software, creative, custom engineering, and more. We've achieved 50 deployments, including work for major studios and independent productions alike to achieve their vision. Want to see what we can do for your script? Reach out to our Virtual Production Supervisors.



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