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Are you an independent filmmaker looking for an experienced virtual production partner? We offer the stage, screen, operation, software, and servers in a bundled package for your production. The entire process starts with an understanding of your script, your desired shoot dates, and the size of LED volume you’ll require for your production. We’ve completed over 50 deployments including film and TV work for major studios. With over 5 years of experience as both an operator and tech provider in the emerging virtual production space, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in achieving beautiful cinematic results. Our innovative patented technology powers some of the best software and tools that are used on set during the shoot, rehearsal, and “tech scout.” What makes us unique at ARwall, is that in addition to providing the hardware, software, scene creativity, and supervision, we also do custom engineering for peripherals or feature integrations that are unique to a production. In plain terms, this means that there is nothing we can’t accomplish within the realm of virtual production. 

For upcoming projects that are looking to get a quote for virtual production services, it generally starts with a discovery call and then at that point, we decide if it’s time for us to look at a script or storyboards. Our supervisors then turn those materials into a complete flat-rate bid for the virtual production department, scene creative, as well as suggestions on how we can optimize the production for this emerging technology. The most rewarding part for our team is creating stunningly beautiful environments that bring our client's visions to life so they can walk away from set with the final shot. Please book a call with us here: https://calendly.com/arwall. We partner with numerous stages in Los Angeles and around the world. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can book a demo at our showroom for ARFX Pro, our flagship product for LED Virtual Production. If you’re in the South Korea area, you can book a demo at a partner showroom. Just reach out for more details.

ARFX Software

Professional in-camera effects tools with 1-click XR Sync calibration and extensive in-engine controls. Choose from ARFX Launcher, which requires no Unreal Editor experience and comes with 10 maps to deliver 100+ backdrops; or ARFX Pro plugin for Unreal Editor, which includes the suite of tools we use on major studio productions. Get started with in-camera effects with no coding or scripting experience required.

ARFX Systems

The original all-in-one on-set workstation solution is powered by ARwall’s beastly real-time servers, tracking solution, ARFX software; all supported by top-of-class training, support, warranty, documentation, and online knowledge base. Integrate practical and digital effects seamlessly with XR LED in-camera effects; and add green screen, AR overlay, and AR set extension functionality with ARFX Lens our partnership integration with Canon.

Our Services

XR Consulting

Virtual production supervision, technicians, artists and consulting for filmmakers and content creators. Hire our experienced team for stunning creative results with innovative technologies, filmmaking expertise, and detailed scene creation. You bring the vision, we bring the expertise and tech necessary to bring it to life for your production or new virtual stage. Have a vision for retail, LBE, and beyond? Our CES award-winning interactive solutions bring AAA Hollywood effects out of the soundstage to your venue.

Virtual Stages

Virtual stages proven on major studio productions can deliver in-camera effects, immersive lighting, and real-time compositing supervised and built by our virtual production experts with over 50 deployments under their belt. At Soapbox Films Stage A with ARwall, enjoy 7500+sqft of soundproofed space and a beautiful 4K LED volume; with tracking by Vive, Mo-Sys, or Stype; and proprietary ARFX Pro server and software. Experience virtual production in its easiest most accessible form.

Muppets Haunted Mansion’s Most Stunning Sets Were Virtual LED Backdrops By ARwall

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Our Products

We want to be your technology partner for virtual production, AR/XR, and all things at the cutting-edge in entertainment tech.​


ARFX Home Studio

ARFX Home Studio is a cutting-edge solution to get started with in-camera XR virtual backdrops

-Step into our XR backdrops to create videos, livestreaming events, and real-time illusions that put you in another time and place.

-Pixel perfect effects, scenes, and characters… no matter the shot or camera movement, with studio-grade Vive Pro tracking

-Simply plug your Home Studio box into your 4KTV or projector system, and attach the tracker to your camera! You’re all set to start making content.

-Easy to navigate “Smart TV” style app removes the need to learn Unreal Editor, built for creators to get started with XR

-Professional, dynamic backgrounds for a single screen, with additional Scenepacks and controller support coming soon

-Included Starter Scenepack with 10 maps, with lighting iterations by Hollywood CG artists to deliver over 100+ lush virtual backdrops

-1 year of ARFX Home Studio support included, $749/annual afterwards, including a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the ARFX Home Studio workstation

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We combine our patented award-winning spatial imaging tech with the most cutting-edge virtual production systems in the world to deliver turnkey solutions for soundstages, production companies, and virtual production studios. It starts with ARFX Pro, our software and hardware solution for LED/projection XR "in-camera composite" backdrops. Beginning in 2021, our ARFX Pro systems also include AR overlay and green screen compositing with camera and lens tracking; a complete virtual production solution.

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ARwall Interactive

We combine our award-winning tech with the top AR/XR platforms in the world to deliver turnkey solutions for mass audiences in venues, immersive kiosks, interactive XR walls, and more. Immersive virtual worlds for venues and brands to call their own, filled with characters, places, events, offers, & entertainment.​ ARwall's touch-free technology integrates with industry-leading computer vision, body tracking, and immersive XR interaction; with data capture driven by ARwall's camera array already on-site.

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