About Us

We're an XR technology company that builds award-winning solutions to shake entire industries. Our diverse multi-disciplinary team comes from TV, VFX, design, mobile, games, and advertising. We offer consulting and turnkey solutions spanning across creative, hardware, software, and immersive XR innovation.​

An entire studio in a box.

arfx StudioBox

Create high-quality professional productions from the comfort of your own home or small studio, at a fraction of the cost. Step into your next movie scene with the ARFX StudioBox.

Launch is currently planned for late 2023, pre-order now to get early access.

Powerful XR solutions for creators and filmmakers of all levels

ARFX Pro Plugin UE4/UE5

Professional tool for rehearsals and virtual production

ARFX Launcher w/Starter Scenepack

You bring the camera and display, we cover everything else

ARFX Home Studio Complete Kit

Plug and play solution for virtual production

Virtual production solutions, made easy



A turnkey virtual production solution

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