ARFX Pro Server System

Includes all our ARFX software, a A6000 based on-set workstation, custom Vive Pro/Mars tracking for your volume, a travel case, partner-level on-call support for 90 days, technical support and warranty for 1 year, and our accessories kit (2x 50’ USB cables, 2x hot-shoe mounts, keyboard/mouse, 5-port USB hub). Includes perpetual license to the ARFX Pro Plugin and ARFX Launcher.

Prior clients for this ARFX Pro Server System include: Amen & Amen Studios, Soapbox Films, Dolphin Image Studios.

Shipping: 5-7 weeks

Latest Features

Menu System: Provide user with an extensive use of customization options. Access to suite of creative tools directly in the virtual scene (user has access to same hotkey customization options as the Launcher interface plus lots more!) 

Post Process: This section allows you to take further control over all your post process needs including: (These settings are to assist you with fine-tuning the virtual background to match what the physical camera is seeing) 

• Temperature Type: Selects the type of temperature calculation. 

• Temperature: Adjust the temperature of the scene, ranging from warm, to white, to daylight settings.(adjust kelvin to make your scene cool/warm) 

• Tint: Throw a colored gel over the scene.  

• Saturation: Make your colors more vivid and intense 

• Contrast: Fine tune the relationship between shadows and highlights 

• Gamma: Adjust how smoothly the highlights transition into shadows 

• Gain: Amplify the exposure of the image 

ARFX Camera Options: Allow you to have further control over the ARwall Camera Actor within the scene 

• TrackingQuickly enable (to get parallax effect)/disable tracking(for static shots). 

• Movement SpeedAdjust movement speed of the virtual camera. 

• Yaw/Pitch SpeedMovement speed of camera’s pan and tilt. 

• Screen Dimensions (cm) [WxH]: Physical Dimension of the screen in centimeters of which the    

user is using to display Scenes. 

• Near Clip Distance: Fly out virtual set pieces in real-time at a specific radius around the camera, without breaking your back (Used when the virtual camera is in a small or tight virtual locations) 

• Bookmark Transition Speed: Speed at which the camera will transition between setups/positions.(can transition between bookmarks and ease-in/out or hard cut between bookmarks with an animation sequence to fly between bookmarks) 

SteamVR Setup: Ability to fix Tracker Serial numbers and fine tune SteamVR settings 

• Hero SerialSerial number can be found via USBDeview.exe.(Identification number for tracker puck) 

• Calibration SerialSerial Number can be found via USBDeview.exe.(identification number for calibration puck) 

• Tracking DelayDelays the tracking by this number of frames. 

• Threshold Sample SizeNumber of samples we take to determine velocity and angular velocity. 

• Velocity ThresholdThreshold at which we start tracking. 

• Angular Velocity Threshold: Threshold at which we start tracking. 



Keyboard Input

  • Navigate preset camera positions at the press of a single button 
  • Pan, tilt, truck, dolly, roll, or boom the virtual camera all from the keyboard or controller 
  • Instantly access calibration menu 
  • Manually adjust depth of field of virtual camera 


XBOX Controller Input

 Pan, tilt, truck, dolly, roll, or boom the virtual camera 

• Position and save new camera positions instantly 

Customize keyboard hotkeys and controller layout to your specific needs 


Graphics: This section gives you greater control of the overall quality settings of the scene including: 

Global Settings: 

• Quality Preset: Adjust the quality of all graphics and textures settings. 

Display Settings: 

• Resolution Scale: Adjust the sharpness of the in-game graphics. When it’s too low, the items could show in a blurry image 

• Display Mode: Select the display mode. 

• Resolution: Select the display resolution. 

• Gamma: Adjust the gamma Calibration. 

• V-Sync: Lock the FPS to prevent screen tearing. 

• Max FPS: Select the max FPS. 

Texture Settings 

• Anisotropic FilteringReducing blur and preserving detail at extreme viewing angles. 

• Textures: Adjust the quality of the textures. 

Graphic Settings: 

• Post-ProcessingAdjust the quality of post processing effects. 

• Anti-Aliasing: Adjust quality of AA, smooths the object’s graphics. It is recommended to turn this on.  

• ShadowsAdjust the quality of the shadows for character and objects. 

• EffectsAdjust the quality of various effects like reflections and the material fidelity. (Can take a moment) 

• Detail Mode: Adjust the minimum detail level for an actor to render. 

• FoliageAdjust the quality of Foliage. 

• View DistanceAdjust the visible distance, objects will be hidden based on their distance to the player. 

• Motion Blur: Adjust the blur quality on fast moving objects. 

• Planar Reflections: Sets any and all planar reflections in the scene to render at a % of the screen’s resolution. Recommended at 50% or lower. 


ARFX PRO SERVER SYSTEM - includes all our ARFX software, server, tracking, and partner-level support. Includes 1 year sub to the ARFX Pro plugin (additional subscription fee for year two and beyond).


Should I have previous virtual production knowledge to use this equipment?

Our tools are creator friendly and require no previous Unreal Engine or Virtual Production knowledge. Our tools are built to work without the need for coding, scripting, or 3D design experience. Included with the purchase of the ARFX Pro Server System are 4 training sessions either virtually or in-person, and licenses to our ARFX Pro Plugin and ARFX Launcher with Starter Scenepack. In addition, for the first 90 days after purchase, you can request that ARwall support staff be available on-call remotely for up to 20 hours per month, to ensure that your test shoots or initial productions go smoothly. In short, this ARFX Pro Server System is the perfect turnkey addition to your stage’s videowalls.

What makes ARFX Pro Server System more cost efficient than a green screen? 

In short, our technology can save a production time and money that, compared to traditional green screen VFX, would normally go to a small army of compositors and post-production effects specialists. Check out our Nightflyers Case Study that shows a savings of 62-73% off their VFX budget by using ARFX and an LED videowall instead.  Perhaps more important is the saved time, you’ll have your finished shot with the live action and CG elements composited together as soon as you finish the take, no post-production required. That means the technology is a particularly good fit for those productions looking to significantly cut post-production cost and time.

What is first time setup like and what should I have ready?

First time setup will be as simple as adding an external display and tracker hardware to your ARFX Pro System Kit server, then starting the ARFX Launcher app or Unreal Engine with ARFX Pro Plugin. Once you're ready to shoot, it will take 15-60 minutes to configure the system for the first time, then 5 minutes each time afterwards. Once the Scenepack or Unreal Engine scene has been loaded, the in-engine menu and control system will guide you on calibration, hotkeys, button mapping, color, graphics, and more. The interface for selecting a backdrop will be familiar like using a camera menu or playing a AAA video game. 

We recommend having these additional items ready, which are not included in the kit: 

• A powered TV, projector, LED videowall, or other backdrop display that can receive HDMI or DP. 

- If using an LED videowall, be sure that the LED processor (like the Novastar or Brompton) are already configured properly for the screen. We highly recommend working directly with the LED processor and display manufacturers ahead of time to achieve this. 

• HDMI 2.1 (male) to DP 1.4 (male) cable or DP 1.4 (male to male) cable to connect the backdrop display to the ARFX Pro System Server 

• An extra computer monitor and HDMI/DP cable that will not be used as the ARFX backdrop (for ease of editing and making changes when the backdrop is being used on set) 

- Either HDMI or DP cable will need to plug into a DP 1.4 port on the server end 

- HDMI/DP cable is recommended to be at least 25-50 ft in length depending on size of stage (fiber optic cables recommended for longer lengths) 

• A rollable desk on which to operate the extra computer monitor, wireless keyboard (provided in kit), and USB hub (provided in kit) 

• Power requirements:  

- Enough power and ports to support the TV, projector, LED wall or other backdrop display being used (inquire with screen manufacturer for power requirements) 

- 1 power strip with minimum of 2 AC ports for powering rollable desk for: 

- 1 for Extra computer monitor 

- 1 for USB Hub power 

- 1 power strip with minimum 3 AC Ports for powering ARFX Pro System for: 

- 1 for ARFX Pro System Server machine power 

- 1 for LED processor (if using) 

- 1 for Genlock Master Clock (if using) 

- 4 open AC power ports (likely to be separate from each other) 

- 1 each for the 4 base stations (if using Vive Pro tracking system) 

- For LED videowalls, please consult a certified electrician on proper power requirements. 

• Enough empty space to set up 4 base stations with at least 8 feet distance between each base station (if using Vive Pro tracking system) 

• 4 - ¼ inch Ball Head Adapters to easily mount and manipulate base stations 

- Recommended with Clamps or relevant mount depending on stage requirements 

• ¼ inch adapter to attach Vive Pro Tracker (if using) to camera of choice 

- Recommended hot shoe to ¼ inch adapter 

• Suggested: 

- Ethernet cable to connect ARFX Pro System Setrver 

- Wi-Fi extender is included, but wired internet connection is highly recommended 

- At least one 10+ feet AC power extension cable 

- A table, chair, stool, or apple box to place the two puck trackers 

- Xbox Wireless Controller and Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter dongle to connect to PC 

- Genlock 

- Genlock Master Clock such as: 

- Blackmagic Mini Converter Sync Generator 

- AJA Gen 10 

- Rosendahl Nanosyncs HD 

- Evertz 5601 MSC or newer 

- BNC cables for connecting: 

- ARFX Pro System Server and Master Clock 

- Recommended 3 ft 

- LED Processor and Master Clock 

- Recommended 3 ft 

- Camera and Master Clock 

- Recommended 50 ft 

What's the difference between the ARFX Pro Server System and the ARFX Home Studio? 

The ARFX Pro Server System is powered by the Nvidia RTX A6000 professional grade GPU and the AMD Threadripper CPU, which allow unprecedented real-time graphics performance, as well as Genlock capabilities through an integration with the Quadro Sync Card II (included and installed), and support for multiscreen LED Volumes and curved screens. The server also contains a Decklink SDI video capture card providing future proof compatibility for AR and realtime chromakey. This professional kit also includes extra tracking and cabling hardware to support a stage space up to 40x40ft. Along with the ARFX Pro Plugin and ARFX Launcher software, server, and tracking equipment, the ARFX Pro Server System includes partner-level support that is unavailable with the home system.  

Alternatively, the ARFX Home Studio is built using high-end consumer parts, and does not support multiscreen mosaicking or genlock/sync. 

Do I really need genlock in order to do in-camera effects with an LED videowall or projector? 

This is a complicated question, as the short answer is “No, for some instances and cameras genlock is not required.”However, we have found that in order to be commercially viable an LED virtual stage needs to be able to allow DPs and filmmakers to use the camera of their choice, and some cameras will absolutely require genlock, particularly those with rolling shutter. In addition, LED virtual backdrops generally perform better for in-camera work when they’re genlocked and synced to the framerate of the camera, resulting in more convincing imagery and motion.

In the Server:
AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU
Nvidia Quadro A6000 GPU & Quadro II Sync Card
Two drives of Samsung V-NAND NVME Storage
Studio-grade RAM and components
Decklink Capture Card
ARFX Pro Plugin for Unreal Engine
Patented XR Sync Calibration
ARFX Demo Launcher & Starter Scenepack
Ongoing ARFX Software Updates & Bug Fixes
2 Vive Pro 3.0 Trackers and 2 Vive Pro 2.0 Base Stations
Tracker Mounting Hardware and Smartphone Rig
USB Hubs and Extension Cables
Rolling Half-Rack Travel Case
Best-In-Class Support:
On-call Tech Support
Troubleshooting Knowledge Base
Video Tutorials & User Manual
4 Training Sessions: Setup, Creative, Technical, Test Shoot

Optional: Integration with Mo-Sys or stYpe tracking systems :
Prior clients for this ARFX Pro Server System include: Amen & Amen Studios, Soapbox Films, Dolphin Image Studios.

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