A plug and play solution that requires no gears, no lens mapping, no calibration of any kind. Just plug and play the lens onto your EF mount camera, plug in the proprietary serial cable to the lens and on-set workstation, and shoot. Our plugin tracks all zoom, focus, and iris moves on the physical camera and replicated them in the virtual camera in real-time; giving you the capability to do previs, simulcam, green screen, AR overlays/characters, as well as edge mat set extensions. Works with any tracking hardware supported by the ARFX Pro Plugin. Includes Canon 18-80mm Compact-Servo EF 5-pin modified lens, 50ft lens cable and adapter, Decklink SDI 4K PCIE capture card, and 1 year license to the ARFX Pro Plugin.


What exactly is modified on this lens compared to the standard model? 

If you have the 18-80mm EF Mount with 20-pin port lens, it will require modification to the 5-pin port instead to work with ARFX Lens, we are currently working on getting support from Canon to either modify or replace existing existing 20-pin lenses.The5-pin serial port on the lens allows both sending and receiving of the lens data instead of just one-way communication.The 18-80mm EF-Mount with 5-pin port can also be separately purchased from our store (coming soon).

If the autofocus of the lens is on, will the focusing data be output to the PC? 

Any focus or zoomchangesonthe physical lens will be replicated in the virtual lens without exception. The data is read internally from the lens mechanics and internal lens metadata, not through an external sensor, achieving a true “plug and play” lens emulation solution with zero calibration time. Just load the plugin on your scene, connect, and shoot.

My choice of tracking system is not listed, is ARFX still compatible? 

ARFX Lens supports all tracking systems supported by the ARFX Pro Plugin, which as of writing includes Vive Pro, Vive Mars, stYpe, Mo-Sys, and NoitomVPS. If your choice of tracking system is not currently supported, let us know as we are always looking to add support for more systems. If the tracking hardware already has a LiveLink plugin for Unreal, integration will be simple.

Our proprietary "plug n play" lens emulation solution in partnership with Canon: Allows for live green/blue screen chromakey composites, AR overlays and set extensions, and more. Includes the Canon 18-80mm Compact Servo Modified EF-mount Lens and cables for any EF mount cameras -- Developed in partnership with Canon and Butcher Bird Studios. Requires a subscription to the ARFX Pro plugin for Unreal Engine, tracking hardware (either Vive, Mo-Sys, or stYpe), and a video capture card that is compatible with Unreal Editor (Decklink 4K SDI recommended).

Canon 18-80mm Compact Servo Modified EF-mount Lens
50ft active USB3 cable (running from lens to server)
USB-to-serial converter box
User Manual, Video tutorials, and Online Knowledge Base
Training Session with an ARFX expert

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