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Our experienced team of virtual production supervisors and engineers will ensure your project achieves studio-grade results.

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Are you an independent filmmaker looking for an experienced virtual production partner? We offer the stage, screen, operation, software, and servers in a bundled package for your production. The entire process starts with an understanding of your script, your desired shoot dates, and the size of LED volume you’ll require for your production. We’ve completed over 50 deployments including film and TV work for major studios. With over 5 years of experience as both an operator and tech provider in the emerging virtual production space, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in achieving beautiful cinematic results. Our innovative patented technology powers some of the best software and tools that are used on set during the shoot, rehearsal, and “tech scout.” What makes us unique at ARwall, is that in addition to providing the hardware, software, scene creativity, and supervision, we also do custom engineering for peripherals or feature integrations that are unique to a production. In plain terms, this means that there is nothing we can’t accomplish within the realm of virtual production.

 For upcoming projects that are looking to get a quote for virtual production services, it generally starts with a discovery call and then at that point, we decide if it’s time for us to look at a script or storyboards. Our supervisors then turn those materials into a complete flat-rate bid for the virtual production department, scene creative, as well as suggestions on how we can optimize the production for this emerging technology. The most rewarding part for our team is creating stunningly beautiful environments that bring our client's visions to life so they can walk away from set with the final shot. Please book a call with us here: https://calendly.com/arwall. We partner with numerous stages in Los Angeles and around the world. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can book a demo at our showroom for ARFX Pro, our flagship product for LED Virtual Production. If you’re in the South Korea area, you can book a demo at a partner showroom. Just reach out for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a virtual environment for use in Virtual Production or XR, and who is involved?

We quote a 2-week minimum per scene for film/TV work, and 2 months minimum for interactive work. The upward cost depends on the complexity of the scene, with most environments being assigned a dedicated environment artist supervised by a Virtual Art Director who maintains the project’s vision across all scenes. On all projects, a project manager or Virtual Production Supervisor with deep experience in this type of deployment will also ensure efficient and timely completion. During the virtual set design process, we’ll generate both image and video renders of the scene, iterate out options for the filmmakers on set, and previs as needed to ensure choreography is locked before the shoot. Done correctly, the on-set process will move smoothly from previs to rehearsal to production, with tweaks and continual changes available along the way. The true power of virtual production is generated during the preproduction process where control over the vision is set and maintained, and filmmakers will be able to enter the environments on their own device and provide comments. For interactive projects, an interactive designer is also assigned to the creation, focused on the user experience and all interactive components. Most exciting is the opportunity to deploy and test work-in-progress versions of the environment for approval and notes, making all stakeholders an integral part of the process.

What happens if I decide I want to completely change something after shooting on an LED Volume? Can I fix it in post?

You ultimately walk away with the final shot with minimal to no compositing needed to be done during post-production, as we’ve achieved on our work on over 60 deployments. The nature of Virtual Production shooting means you can finalize each shot exactly to your liking on set then and there, so you won’t need any post-production. However, if for whatever reason you think you may want to change the background for a shot, for an additional charge, we can provide additional tech on set to capture positional data of the physical and virtual camera during your shoot so that you can update the background in post later. Alternatively, reshoots will be quick and easy by bringing your scene back to a stage, as we archive all scenes within our database.

How long should I expect a response for my inquiry?

An ARwall representative will get back to you within 2 business days.

How much do your branded XR installations and prototypes cost, and what has the ROI been for clients?

We’ve done award-winning prototype deployments for teams like Disney, HBO, CBS, Adobe, M&Ms/Mars, and more that have combined virtual production, XR/AR, CV/ML, mobile, cloud, and more. As specialists in Unreal Engine, virtual production, and large videowall installations; our custom work generally combines the reach of an AR deployment with the presence of a live installation; and provides a cost-effective solution when compared to two separate campaigns that accomplish the same goal. For M&Ms World in Las Vegas, our XR kiosk experience won over 17,000 unique users in 90 days with our sweet game and AR photobooth combo, so a line was almost always present for the experience, providing many additional minutes in-store per user and an overall per-transaction boost. In addition, our companion AR mobile app allowed these experiences to drive email capture and integration into Google Analytics for future marketing.