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All ARwall software includes our patented XR Sync: one-click calibration for in-camera effects that have been half a decade in the making.

ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin

The ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin is the first of its kind in the industry. When we serve as a virtual production department for major studios this is the tool we use.

Integration between your existing tracking hardware and Unreal Engine is supported through single-GPU multiscreen XR and our proprietary one-click calibration. This innovative plugin has been our go-to on AAA film, TV, and commercial work, and is now available as a standalone solution for your most ambitious shoots.

ARFX Pro consolidates all virtual production settings from across Unreal Editor into one place. This software requires no coding or programming knowledge and features powerful patented software running under the hood. The product receives regular updates that exceed industry standards. For those looking to step up from the stock Vive tracker solution, ARFX Pro provides the best-in-class Vive tracking results with dramatically reduced jitter and drift, built from the ground up for work on high-end film, TV productions, and livestreams that can go for 12+ hours.

Requires Vive Pro, Mo-Sys, or stYpe tracking hardware (not included). Requires basic technical knowledge of Unreal Engine. Scene creative not included.

Optional: ARFX Lens Add-On for ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin: Add green screen functionality, AR overlay, and lens emulation support using the Canon Compact-Servo 18-80mm EF Mount Modified 5-pin Serial Port Lens (included) and a 50ft Lens USB cable (included).  
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ARFX Launcher

ARFX Launcher comes with up to 10 XR maps and works for your existing 4K screen or projector. ARFX Launcher is easy to use, robust, and a great introduction to XR shooting.

It comes with access to video walkthroughs and basic online support. No updates or subscription fee is required—just a single-time license and you’re ready to shoot.

Minor technical knowledge required for installation, VR tracking hardware not included. Requires 2 Vive trackers (2.0), and 2 Base stations (2.0).

ARFX Home Studio

ARFX Home Studio takes big-budget production into the home environment. Turn your Home TV into an XR film set with a ten-map Starter Scenepack, professionally lit in multiple styles and times of day to deliver 100+ screen-ready backdrops. The non-technical installation is made even simpler by a one-hour setup and training video chat, along with walkthroughs, support guides, and frequent updates included in the software license.

A full-year subscription is included with the software, offering further scenepacks and updates as the product is updated. After the first year, an annual subscription is available, starting at $749/year, which will grant access to even more scenepacks, features, and updates.

Take your home TV or projector set up to new heights with ARFX Home Studio integration for the home, office, media lab, or budget virtual stage. Requires 2 Vive trackers (2.0) and 2 base stations (2.0), not included.
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