"ARFX" XR/AI Filmmaking Suite & Ecosystem announced at NAB Show 2024

"ARFX" XR/AI Filmmaking Suite & Ecosystem announced at NAB Show 2024


Watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Q72bUpm1O28

From April 14-17th, 2024, ARwall will be at NABShow 2024 in booth SU4142C (South Upper Hall, back left) of the Las Vegas Convention Center showing off 12 new products, and announcing their vision for XR/AI filmmaking. In 2024, ARwall hopes to answer the question "What would filmmaking look like if we were to invent it today in 2024?"


Here is the official summary of the NEW April 2024 Products Showcasing at NAB Show 2024 Las Vegas:


  • 10 New Scenepacks with professional lighting (UE5)
  • New ARFX windows app w marketplace of Scenepacks
    • Originally teased at NAB 2023. Virtual production built for filmmakers, no programming or 3D design skill required. Currently only available to existing clients and buyers of the ARFX StudioBox. (see video above)
  • New ARFX StudioBox, our first console device for XRVP
  • New Sony Bravia Pro 85 inch Non-Glare 4KTV for XRVP
    • Sony is the market leader in color reproduction between camera and LED screen, now that color science is available to virtual production filmmakers with this new line of Bravia Pro displays originally built for high-sunlight retail conditions but happens to be a perfect fit for micro XR studios. With beautiful bright HDR color and a proprietary non-glare matte finish that mimics the professional matte look of the more expensive Sony Verona LED videowall systems, you get what you pay for with this beautiful commercial grade Sony screen, but at just a small fraction in a form factor of just 85 inches and 100 inches coming soon. Come see how it compares to glossy consumer 4KTVs at our booth. Coming to arwall.co imminently, please inquire.
  • New deep improvements and functionality in ARFX Pro Plugin for Unreal Editor 5.2/5.3, including the ARFX options menu and multiscreen/curved functionality
    • Available in the ARFX Pro Plugin for Unreal Engine 5, our professional solution 7 years in the making on real studio sets, currently on version 128, which you can subscribe to or purchase here: https://arwall.co/products/arfx-pro-plugin
    • Read more about the new features and updates here: https://arwall.co/blogs/news/major-product-update-arfx-pro-plugin-v128-arfx-launcher-v5-release-notes
    • New support for all Free-D tracking devices in all ARFX products, including REtracker, Vive Mars, stYpe, Mo-Sys, iOS/Android device, and more.
    • Options Menu also available either in the ARFX Scenepacks available online or through the ARFX App.
    • Multiscreen and curved screen improvements eliminate the need for clunky .OBJ creation and provide a great alternative to vanilla Unreal Editor Ndisplay
  • New ARFX Infinite Studio AI/XR chat agent prototype

Product Announcements for Late 2024

ARwall is an award-winning technology developer and services company for XR/AI filmmaking and content production, leaders in virtual production (VP), XR/AI software development, and immersive XR experiences. Our diverse multi-disciplinary team comes from TV, VFX, design, mobile, games, and advertising. The company’s consulting business serves new LED XR stage builds and its production division incorporates its patented technology into a full range of VP resources, offering co-production, creative direction, project management, virtual/real set design and creation, VAD, previs, VP dept, VFX, and more. ARwall has released all its core internal toolsets online firmly making it the leading virtual production team serving both major studio clients and indie home creators; with product releases including groundbreaking software, a patented virtual production solution, hardware, and more. Located in Studio City, CA, USA.

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For all press inquires, please reach out to Allison Dollar: allison@arwall.co