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Cutting Edge AR Solutions for Filmmaking, Marketing and Experientials

Green Screen Studio Alternative, On-Site Experiential Marketing, and Interactive Displays


Our story went viral in 2018 when we won the SXSW Accelerator top prize for AR/VR Technologies. Our software is ARFX, enabling realistic in-camera compositing of live action actors and sets with virtual environments for film, TV, and experientials. Filmmakers benefit from beautiful lightspill and perfect reflections, a backdrop that is visible to cast/crew, and walk away from set with the final shot, no post-production required. Ours is the first and only solution that can deliver effectively zero-latency, with prior rigs built for TV broadcast delivering 4-12 frames of latency. Because our software and solution are built from the ground up for the average filmmaker, the result is a much more affordable solution with less hardware and headache. Our research shows with effectively zero latency, videowalls can be much smaller, so on average using our tech will result in a 73% reduction in cost, and roughly 50% reduction in time and size of effects team, as compared to traditional green screen VFX for those same sequences. We offer the software and hardware, the expertise to make it all happen, and if needed, the creative and on-set crew as well. ARwall soundstage locations are already in Los Angeles, the Orlando area, and coming soon around the globe.

Case Study:
NBCUniversal | Netflix – Nightflyers


Interactive screens that blur the borders of reality, allow interaction with virtual beings, and deliver AR game experiences on-site, as well as AR photos/videos that can be downloaded and shared from the customer’s smartphone to social media.  Experience a portal like you’ve only seen in science fiction films and games, ARwall’s “window illusions” provide a versatile platform that is scalable to any size screen, including screens already installed at a venue.  Everything from the perfect selfie with photo-real AR characters, to social activations, to fully branded custom experiences that transform your space into an unforgettable spectacle with head and body tracking for motion gaming.

Perfect use cases include customer service kiosks at a store threshold, digital showrooms to display a large catalog, social activations with AR photobooths and games, interactive promotional signage, and much more. Our platform ARwall Interactive won “Best AR Experience” at CES 2020 DreamlandXR because it can power a wide variety of immersive experiences for gaming and retail.

HBO Watchmen Red Carpet Premiere – ARwall Experiential

M&Ms World Las Vegas – M&Ms AR Game & AR Photo Kiosk


Immerse your players in spectacular virtual worlds and interactive experiences beyond anything they can get at home. Fully self-service systems, no staff required, no headsets, no goggles, no controllers. XR gaming simplified, for singleplayer or multiplayer, competitive or cooperative. Our AR kiosks, XR caves, and virtual time travel rooms blur the line between reality and screen as users experience new worlds viewed through ARwall’s head-tracking and body-tracking technology. Cutting-edge 4K+ graphics generate visual adventures that ask players to move, jump, and interact with virtual objects and talk to virtual characters. ARwall boasts an award-winning software development and game development team that has already taken on over 45 deployments, done custom software development for Fortune 500 companies, and is now striving to deliver on the promise made by holographic suites in popular science fiction.

ARwall Interactive – “Best AR Experience” Winner at CES 2020 DreamlandXR

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