ARwall - green screen replacement and experiential marketing

Cutting Edge AR Solutions for Filmmaking, Marketing and Experientials

Green Screen Studio Alternative, On-Site Experiential Marketing, and Interactive Displays


A virtual backlot offering green screen studio alternatives in Los Angeles, and around the globe.  Our AR technology provides a real-time in-camera alternative to green screen where the filmmakers see the final pixels on set.  No more pretending against a lime backdrop; your cinematographer, director, and actors will be interacting with the environment and actions you imagine… and at a lower cost.
Case Study: NBCUniversal | SyFy – Nightflyers


Interactive experientials that blur the borders of reality.  Just like the interdimensional portal in Roland Emmerich’s Stargate, ARwall’s “window illusions” provide a versatile platform that is scalable at any size.  Everything from the perfect selfie with photo-real AR environments, to incorporated social activations, and custom branded experiences that transform your experiential marketing into unforgettable memories. Our digital “stargate” puts your audience anywhere you want.
Case Study: Warner Bros. – Ready Player One


Immerse your audience in virtual worlds and interactive experiences without the headset.  Ideal for both experiential marketing and straight-forward entertainment adventures, our AR walls and rooms blur the line between reality and screen as users experience new worlds viewed through ARwall’s technology.



“This is probably the single most exciting innovation in filmmaking that I've seen in my lifetime.”

“I have been in visual effects for more than 25 years, and this has BLOWN ME AWAY. Incredible idea, beautiful end results, and really great assets and atmosphere for the city itself."

"Man as soon as AR and GPU rendering started pushing the way we do things in VFX, I have been waiting for something like this to happen. And I am so glad it did."

"Very cool “AR Wall” developed for filming. No green screen used. Adjusts to the camera movement. Game Changer?"

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