Large Scale AR/ XR

Hygienic, Touch-free, Self-service, Motion+Voice, Mobile-integrated.​For gaming, public spaces, VIP events, retail, and more.​

Touch-free hygienic smart kiosks and videowalls for location-based entertainment, retail, and audience engagement

We combine our award-winning tech with the top AR/XR platforms in the world to deliver turnkey solutions for mass audiences in venues, immersive kiosks, interactive XR walls, and more.Immersive virtual worlds for venues and brands to call their own, filled with characters, places, events, offers, & entertainment.​

Our Clients


ARwall's technology integrates with industry-leading computer vision, body tracking, and immersive XR interaction; with data capture driven by ARwall's camera array already on-site:​
Touch-Free Body & Gesture Tracking using AR3D, ARwall's proprietary spatial imaging tech​
Voice Command Interface & Virtual Concierge (characters, menus, customization)
Respectful Biometric Sensing: Key Wellness Indicators (heart rate, skin temp, coughing)​​

Our manufacturing & distribution partner

Creative Works is the top XR entertainment distributor in North America, and will handle all manufacturing, shipping & installation, warranty and technical support.​

Touch-free XR software that's ready for the retail & LBE environment.

By combining real-time graphics, computer vision, and smart tracking into one real-time platform, AR3D automates XR experientials to the point they can be calibrated by retail workers or remotely by our engineering staff.


ARwall Interactive M&Ms World XR Kiosk

M&Ms World Las Vegas AR Kiosk

  • 1 min multiplayer AR game/photobooth
  • Custom content, 45 day development
  • Mobile app (QRcode, any device)
  • Google Analytics tracking kiosk & app

Analytics: Holiday 2019

  • Played at least once every 3 mins
  • 80%+ complete full experience
  • 20%+ opt-in to email capture
  • Over 17.5K sucessful plays in 90d
  • KPI Goal Achieved: email capture, 1 min of additional foot traffic per guest
  • Unexpected benefit: no staff required

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the build and set up time for the ARwall Interactive Kiosk or Videowall?

We ask for at least 3 months to develop your custom prototype and field units, including the creative experience and branded vinyl wrap if requested. Once the hardware design and software are finalized, shipping will take 1-2 weeks and install is 1 day. Once installed, the software and content can be updated remotely by our team.

How many people can interact with an experience at a time?

Depends on the experience, but generally 6 maximum per sensor, with an unlimited number of sensors deployable in a single site. For the perspective shift head-tracking illusion, 1 person can experience this at a time on traditional displays, where crowds can still participate and manipulate the scene but won’t receive the perspective illusion.


Our turnkey AR/XR interactive experientials system. Software, hardware, installation plus 1 year of support, warranty, updates.​
XR KIOSK Kiosk Size:87"(h), 40”(w), 8”(d) Footprint: 6' x 6' (2 x 2 meter) Hardware: inside the kiosk: 65-inch 4KTV, ARwall server, camera(s)/mic
XR 7x7' WALL Footprint: 9' x 9' (3 x 3 meter) Power: 3 AC plugs Hardware: 7' x 7' (mid-range pitch) LED videowall, ARwall server, camera/mic

AR/XR App Development

ARwall's award-winning team is composed of XR engineers, developers, and creatives that have been stunning millions for years on mobile. Our partners for mobile and social web XR are a team of world-scale XR thought-leaders who have done cutting edge AR/XR engineering work for Microsoft, Magic Leap, City Lights and many more.​

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU

Nvidia RTX GeForce GPU

Samsung V-NAND NVME Storage

Appliance-grade RAM and components

AR3D Demo Launcher

AR3D Software Updates & Bug Fixes

ARwall's Proprietary Azure Kinect Integration

On-call Tech Support

Azure Kinect Depth Camera

Video Tutorials & User Manual

Troubleshooting Knowledge Base

Optional: Canon DSLR for Photo/Video

Optional: Kiosk Form Factor with 65" 4K TV

Optional: 7'x7' Video Wall Form Factor