ARFX is virtual production with no coding and no blueprints.
Supports in-camera XR LED, green screen and AR overlay for film, TV & livestream.

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ARFX™ is the original solution for LED backdrop "window illusions"​

We combine our patented award-winning spatial imaging tech with the most cutting-edge virtual production systems in the world to deliver turnkey solutions for soundstages, production companies, and virtual production studios. It starts with ARFX Pro, our software and hardware solution for LED/projection XR "in-camera composite" backdrops. Beginning in 2021, our ARFX Pro systems also include AR overlay and green screen compositing with camera and lens tracking; a complete virtual production solution.​

Best-In-Class Vive Tracking

ARwall's engineers have partnered with HTC, manufacturers of the Vive tracking hardware, to create a completely proprietary tracking integration into Unreal with dramatically reduced jitter and drift. Finally, Vive is ready for primetime.​

Creator-Friendly Interface

Our plugins include intuitive guides and visualizations for the filmmakers that remove the headache of setup, calibration, and troubleshooting; and are meant to eliminate the need for a specialized engineer on-set.​

Patented 'XR Sync' Calibration

As pioneers in XR, we did foundational work and patented a one-click calibration process that eliminates the guess work of XR backdrop setup.​

Powerful Studio-Grade Systems

Our systems utilize the latest in processor, graphics card, memory, storage, and spatial imaging technology to meet the demands of long production days.

Faster, Better, Cheaper: ARFX combines the best of digital & practical effects.


ARFX Pro on Nightflyers for Netflix & NBC

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The Goal 
High quality FX visuals that meet the standard of this George R. R. Martin franchise without putting a strain on the season one budget. 
The Solution
Nightflyers chose our flagship product ARFX, the first zero-latency AR/XR set extensions tool, as an alternative to traditional green screen VFX. ARFX gave the director a window into the world of Nightflyers that is visible to the cast/crew, with beautiful automated light spilling onto the sets and actors, empowering production to walk away from set with the final shot. ARFX also allowed increased efficiencies on-set and massive time savings, more setups in a shoot day, spontaneous camera movement, real-time control over CG environments, and beautiful physical set designs unrestricted by the usual constraints of green screen.
The Savings
 62-73% cost savings, up to $446,000 per episode, compared to traditional VFX.

All Virtual Backdrops shown here can be run using ARFX

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The original XR filmmaking system that won the SXSW AR/VR Technologies Startup of 2018 prize. Create in-camera virtual backdrops using LED or projection systems. Multiple screen support, interactive DMX lighting, and more.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU

Nvidia Quadro GPU & Sync Card

Samsung V-NAND NVME Storage

Studio-grade RAM and components

ARFX Professional Plugins for UE4

Patented XR Sync Calibration

ARFX Demo Launcher

ARFX Software Updates & Bug Fixes

Vive Trackers and Base Stations

ARwall's Proprietary Vive Tracker Component for UE4

Tracker Mounting Hardware

USB Hub and Extension Cables

Rolling Travel Case

On-call Tech Support

Troubleshooting Knowledge Base

Video Tutorials & User Manual

Four Training Sessions

Optional: Integration with Mo-Sys or Stype tracking systems

Includes ARFX system and Canon 18-80mm Compact Servo Modified EF-mount Lens -- Developed in partnership with Canon. Add green screen chromakey, AR overlays, and lens emulation to ARFX Pro's original XR filmmaking system. This "tri-layer" XR (LED, live action, AR elements) system is the future of filmmaking for broadcast, livestream, presentations, and beyond.

Lens includes everything in ARFX Pro in addition to:

Blackmagic Decklink Capture Card

Canon Compact-Servo 18-80mm 5-Pin Modified Lens

Optional: Canon C70 camera & kit w RF/RF lens adapter

Optional: BMC Ursa Mini 4.6K G2 EF-mount camera & kit

$20,000/month, $120,000/year -- Receive all the hardware, software, and support required for your facility or production to succeed (videowalls not included). In addition, gain access to our team of engineers for custom programming, peripherals integrations, and on-call industry-class technical support and troubleshooting fixes. Perfect for soundstages or production companies looking to avoid keeping an in-house engineering staff on payroll, instead utilize our team of engineers and XR wizards for your mission critical and experimental projects.

Additional Services

Creative Team Support
Inquire for creative solutions pricing

Virtual Production Supervision for Productions
Starts at $24,000/mo