FIBBR Fiber Optic USB Type A 3.0 Male to Female Active Extension Cable (50 Ft)

  • 【EXTENSION CABLE FOR ENGINEERING】 This extra long fiber optic USB3.0 extension cable supports data transfer rates up to 5Gbps - 10 times faster than USB2.0 cables. You can extend the device to a more convenient location to connect another USB device, plug and play, no drivers required.
  • 【Long-distance Transmission Stability】 Our USB3.0 extender is made of fiber optic material. FIBBR's fiber optic cable has extremely low signal attenuation and is strong in resisting electromagnetic interference and industrial interference, ensuring high-speed data transmission and no delay in long-distance transmission.
  • 【Power Supply Auxiliary Function】 The USB3.0 port has a USB2.0 Micro-B interface, which is used for auxiliary power supply of devices with a power greater than 2W. Charging and data transfer in one.
  • 【ULTRA LIGHT & DURABLE】 Our fiber optic USB A cables are extremely light and the wire material is tough and durable. Bend the cable hard and the signal will not fluctuate.
  • 【Truly Universal Compatibility】 The USB extension cable works with USB 3.0 devices and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard devices. Compatible with printers, scanners, webcams, video cameras, Playstations, keyboards, mice, hard drives, card readers and more. It is the best choice for engineering cables such as monitoring rooms, conference rooms, music rooms, etc.

Product Description

FIBBR Was Born for Ultra HD Display and High Speed Data Transmission

FIBBR optic fiber hdmi cables are certified by RoHS, CE, CL, FCC, ISF and PVA.

USB 3.0 combines the advantages of traditional expansion solutions into a single fiber optic cable. Compatible USB flash drives, hard drives, card readers, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, cameras, webcams, gamepads, Xbox 360 Kinect, speakers, WiFi receivers, USB hubs and other USB interface devices.

Latency Free Fiber

The transmission data line is made of 2-core optical fiber high-grade material. The optical signal is transmitted in both directions without delay. Lossless transmission over long distances.

No Fear of Interference

Extremely low signal attenuation, and high resistance to external electromagnetic interference—all necessary features for future high speed date transmission.

Plug and Play

There is no need to install the driver, it can be directly inserted and used. A USB extender solution requires multiple sets of wires, cables, transmitters, receivers and screws to mount the box.

Full Speed Transfer

Through the two-way transmission of the photoelectric conversion engine, the electrical signal is converted into an optical signal, and the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal. USB 3.0 extension cable data transfer rate up to 5Gbps.

Micro USB2.0 Power Supply Interface

Optional external power supply for auxiliary power supply of devices with power consumption greater than 2W.

Device side power supply current 900mA (10M/20M/30M) & 600mA (50M)

Soft & High Toughness

USB3.0 cable with a diameter of 3.7mm and a length of 20 meters is about 620 grams, which is 60% lighter than traditional copper wires. The soft and slim cable can be easily controlled by one person. Reinforced with special fiber and Kevlar cores to make the wire stronger and more durable.

AOCs by FIBBR offer reliably high bandwidth, extremely low signal attenuation, and high resistance to external electromagnetic interference – all necessary features that assure the best signal-to-noise ratio.

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