A powerful tool that enables you to step into the world of virtual production shooting with ease. Choose from 10 different UE5 powered scenes or purchase the 10-pack for a discount. With up to 10 Virtual Production optimized maps included, this launcher is compatible with your existing 4K screen or projector, making it an accessible and affordable option for any filmmaker or enthusiast. The ARFX Scenepack is designed to be user-friendly and robust, providing a great introduction to XR shooting and virtual production on LED or TV screens.

As a user, you will have access to video walkthroughs and basic online support to help you get started. There are no updates or subscription fees required - just a one-time license fee and you're ready to shoot. Although some minor technical knowledge is required for installation, this launcher is compatible with most tracking hardware (not included). Experience a new level of creativity with the ARFX Scenepacks.


    Product Features

  • Up to 10 Virtual Production Optimized Maps, powered with UE5
    • 3 Lighting iterations for each scene
    • Multiple pre-set bookmarks in each scene
    • Scenes include FX like sand/dust, wind
  • User-Friendly and Robust Features
  • Xbox Game Controller Support
  • Quick and easy set-up for virtual productions using flat single-screen LED, projection, or TV screens
  • Easy to use 2 button XR-Sync Calibration system calibrates in minutes
  • Implemented Seat Login System
  • Native focus debug plane
  • Ability to work with tracking hardware that support Free-D, mobile, or ARwall’s proprietary Vive Pro tracking systems
  • Save history section – Lists all changes, their dates, file name, and option to load/delete save.
  • Options Menu provides an extensive use of customization options with access to a suite of creative tools directly in the virtual scene during play mode
  • With the ARFX Options Menu, you can edit the following and more without exiting play mode:With the ARFX Options Menu, you can edit the following and more without exiting play mode:
    • Post Process
    • ARFX Camera Options
    • Depth of Field/Focus/Blur
    • Tracking Settings
    • Keyboard & Controller Hotkeys
    • Graphics Texture Settings
    • Display Settings

    Benefits Built for Filmmakers

  • Accessible and affordable option for any filmmaker or enthusiast wanting to get into virtual production filmmaking
  • One time license fee, no updates or subscription fees required
  • Powered by Unreal Engine, but no Unreal Engine skills required
  • Set up takes as little as 5 minutes after initial hardware setup
  • No coding or blueprint knowledge necessary
  • Works with a multitude of tracking systems (HTC Vive Pro/Mars, Stype, REtracker Bliss, etc.)
  • Video Walkthroughs, Knowledge Base, Tech support

    Powered by Industry Leading Technology and Support

    What’s Included?

  • Software
    • ARFX Scenepacks (built from Unreal Engine 5)
  • Hardware
    • No hardware included, software only
    • Recommended hardware specs to run ARFX Launcher:
      • PC machine/server running Windows 10 or 11, with recommended Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card or better (minimum GTX 1080)
      • 1 of the following Tracking Hardware:
        • HTC Vive Pro:
          • 1-2 HTC Vive 2.0 or 3.0 Trackers
          • Minimum of 2 HTC Vive 2.0 Base Stations
          • USB 3.0 extension cables that are long enough to connect the trackers from the machine/server to the center of the screen (1 calibration tracker puck) and wherever the camera will be in the play area (1 hero tracker puck)
          • If only using one tracker make sure to have a USB extension cable that is long enough to reach both the center of the screen and wherever the camera will be in the play area
        • Vive Mars
        • stYpe
        • REtracker Bliss
        • Mobile iOS Phone
        • Any tracking hardware that supports Free-D
      • Any single flat screen (can be a computer monitor, projection, TV, or LED wall), 32 inches + recommended, that is connected to your machine/server

    Who is this for?

Created for everyone who wants to harness the power of virtual production without having to learn Unreal Engine, coding, or blueprints. This is as simple as it gets, all you need is to be able to measure the width and height of your physical screen, connect your tracking system (which is automated if using the ARwall Vive Pro tracking system), and double click to open the software file. Also great for non-technical individuals and quick demos.



Is ARFX Scenepack good for professional production? 

Yes, while the ARFX Scenepack is not as customizable as the ARFX Pro Plugin, it still provides a large amount of Virtual Production tools and presets that can be accessible through ARwall’s new menu user interface, while in play mode. This means you can still access most of the professional tools that we provide for our Unreal Engine ARFX Pro Plugin, but without needing to know how to use Unreal Engine.

These are the same tools we use for all our projects including The Muppets Haunted Mansion, Nightflyers, Sci-Fi Fan Films, various music videos, and commercials. All our products are studio-quality XR filmmaking tools that can create professional level content. The ARFX Scenepack provides support for the Vive Pro tracking hardware, which is an affordable, easy to set up and use tracking system.

How long does set up take? 

First time set up for hardware can take about 1 hour or less, and first time software set up should take 5 minutes. Once you’re familiar with these set ups, it should take less than 1 minute to launch and calibrate.

Do I need to create my own backdrops or are they provided? 

ARfx Scenepacks comes with 10 Virtual Production-ready maps (can be purchased individually) with preset bookmarks, so you can start shooting right away.

What are the recommended PC Specs? 

CPU: Minimum: Intel Core i5 Processor (11th Generation) / Recommended: Intel Core i9 Processor (12th Generation)

GPU: Minimum: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 / Recommended: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 or higher


Andrew Williams

Producer of Muppets Haunted Mansion​

"Rene, Jocelyn, and the entire ARwall team were vital in achieving the ambitious scope and schedule of Muppets Haunted Mansion. Partnering with a team so dedicated, adaptable, and solution-oriented was vital to the success of our project."​

Terry Crews

Host/Actor, Owner of Amen & Amen Studios​

" ARwall was the team that got this revolution started for indie filmmaking, they're continuing to innovate with the most accessible solution, and we're happy to say our stage is powered by the original virtual production solution, ARFX Pro by ARwall."​

Zeeshan Khan

Owner of Zeekay Films

" Because of the ARwall team and the amazing software they have developed, we are now able to focus on the creative side of filmmaking, rather than having to deal with the tedious technicalities of a virtual production setup."

Brandon XIV

Director at Snow Media

"I came in knowing very little about virtual production and was SHOCKED at how easy ARwall made the whole process. It ended being one of the smoothest shoots I've ever been on."​

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