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Our experienced team of virtual production supervisors and engineers will ensure your project achieves studio-grade results.

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Are you an independent filmmaker looking for an experienced virtual production partner? We offer the stage, screen, operation, software, and servers in a bundled package for your production. The entire process starts with an understanding of your script, your desired shoot dates, and the size of LED volume you’ll require for your production. We’ve completed over 50 deployments including film and TV work for major studios. With over 5 years of experience as both an operator and tech provider in the emerging virtual production space, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in achieving beautiful cinematic results. Our innovative patented technology powers some of the best software and tools that are used on set during the shoot, rehearsal, and “tech scout.” What makes us unique at ARwall, is that in addition to providing the hardware, software, scene creativity, and supervision, we also do custom engineering for peripherals or feature integrations that are unique to a production. In plain terms, this means that there is nothing we can’t accomplish within the realm of virtual production.

 For upcoming projects that are looking to get a quote for virtual production services, it generally starts with a discovery call and then at that point, we decide if it’s time for us to look at a script or storyboards. Our supervisors then turn those materials into a complete flat-rate bid for the virtual production department, scene creative, as well as suggestions on how we can optimize the production for this emerging technology. The most rewarding part for our team is creating stunningly beautiful environments that bring our client's visions to life so they can walk away from set with the final shot. Please book a call with us here: https://calendly.com/arwall. We partner with numerous stages in Los Angeles and around the world. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can book a demo at our showroom for ARFX Pro, our flagship product for LED Virtual Production. If you’re in the South Korea area, you can book a demo at a partner showroom. Just reach out for more details.

Introducing the ARwall CUBOID

A 6-screen virtual stage solution, powered by a single ARFX Pro Server & patented software.  

Developed as a budget-minded solution where a Hero Screen (the XR filming background) appears on-camera, while 5 immersive lighting screens create realistic lighting effects-- all in real-time.

Initially developed for a major studio film, ARwall’s Cuboid has launched and allows for small creators to capture compelling, in-camera effects and immersive lighting for nearly all locations.

NightFlyers Case Study

Consulting for LED Stages & Production Facilities​

Our experience doesn't end at tech, we help creative teams design and build the spaces for their virtual production offerings. It starts with size...​


We consult on single studios with budgets of $200K or more; or full facilities with budgets of $3MM or more. We can provide bids that include all hardware, software, tracking, install, training, and support. Let our expert virtual production engineering team create the perfect solution for your space. Looking for a special partnership? Let's Chat.


We supervise projects starting at $24k/month, and can package bids for your production that include all hardware, software, creative, custom engineering, and more. We've achieved 50 deployments, including work for major studios and independent productions alike to achieve their vision. Want to see what we can do for your script? Reach out to our Virtual Production Supervisors.

Concept Facility "ARFX-1"​

Our 7500sqft concept stage can house 3-4 small shoots using AR/XR tech, and combines the best studio features that work for virtual production.​
1st Floor has space to expand LED volume, 2nd floor has flex space: 

We fully design our spaces, take a look inside...​