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ARFX Home Studio ARwall Interactive

ARFX Home Studio

ARFX Home Studio is a cutting-edge solution for in-camera virtual backdrops without the need for green screen, instead using any existing display. With ARFX, we envision 5G and MEC tying together your mobile device and smart TV (or projector) to allow consumers the same virtual production capabilities as major film and TV studios in the convenience of their own homes.



Insert your cell phone into the cell phone mount.

  • Make sure that no buttons are being pressed down by the mount.
  • For best results place your cell phone camera right underneath the HTC Vive tracker that is already attached to the mount.

Turn on your cell phone’s camera app (or whatever app you want to use to capture video/photos).

3 Move your cell phone in the cell phone mount around in the play area in front of the TV and notice the window/parallax illusion on the TV.

  • You have 6 degrees of freedom, so feel free to move forward, backward, left, right, up, and down.

4 Place your subject/actor in between your cell phone and the TV, point your cell phone towards your actor/TV, and record any videos or stills as you like.

  • You are the cinematographer so be creative and have fun composing your shots!

5 Don’t forget to check out the selfie mode! Turn your camera to selfie mode, place yourself in front of the TV, turn your cell phone around, and get some great selfie shots/videos!


ARFX Home Studio First Look
ARwall Virtual Production Sizzle Reel 2021
 ARFX Launcher 1st Time Setup

ARwall Interactive

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ARwall Interactive

ARwall Interactive is a cutting-edge XR experiential that can use any sized screen to give the user an XR and body-tracking experience without the need for any wearables or mobile device. It’s like looking into one wall of the Holodeck! We envision our software AR3D leveraging 5G and MEC to allow retail and public locations to deploy this technology without the need for an expensive heavy machine to be installed nearby, allowing fully automated cloud-powered customer service and marketing without the need of an attendant.


1 Stand in front of the kiosk, about 4-6 feet away from the screen.

2 Move your body around and the screen should track your head, giving you a window/parallax illusion as you move around.

  • You have 6 degrees of freedom, so feel free to move forward, backward, left, right, up, and down.

3 Move your right hand around and you should see a cursor match your hand movements. You are now controlling the cursor.

4 To start the Dragon flying game, hold your right hand in a 90 degree angle to your body and make a fist or pinch your thumb and first finger for about one second.

  • If there are any issues with starting the game, please ask a Verizon 5G Lab Attendant to help you start the game.

5 The game should begin where the dragon will begin flying.

  • Control the dragon with your body by:
    • Lean left or right to fly left or right.
    • Lean up to fly up.
    • Lean down to fly down.
    • Flap your arms to fly faster.

6 Don’t worry if you get stuck during your flight, the game should restart you from an unstuck position if you get stuck.

7When you finish your trench flight, you will meet a bigger dragon that breathes fire on you. Don’t worry, this is the same ending for all


ARwall Interactive Sizzle Reel
AR3D First Time Setup
ARwall M&M'S Las Vegas
Movie Poster Concept 2
Prototype Apartment Designer
ARwall "Dragon's Poster" Prototype