Join ARwall’s Pilot Program!

By May 9, 2018Uncategorized

Join ARwall's Pilot Program!

For filmmakers, studios, networks, production companies, sound stages, VR studios, immersive agencies, and events.
We are inviting creatives and industry professionals from around the world to join our Pilot Program.

Selectees will be among the first to use our technology for their productions. They’ll be given special attention and access to either ARFX (our green screen killer for film/TV effects), or AR3D (our interactive AR platform requiring no headset, launching late 2018) for an upcoming project.

For creators that are excited about our AR tech and want to get in on the ground floor, this Pilot Program is an opportunity for our teams to work together more closely. As a member of the Pilot Program, you’ll be first in line to try new features and tools, provide feedback, and shape the future of AR.

Feedback from the Pilot Program will be instrumental in helping us shape ARFX, AR3D, and the future of augmented reality.

Filmmakers, artists, and creatives–how can ARwall help you on your next project? Give us the details in your application.